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The Free Keto Diet Quiz

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

keto Quiz Wording
Take the Free Keto Quiz

  • Achieve your target weight

  • Keep foods you like

  • Create a tailored keto diet specifically for you

  • Free, short quiz

This free quiz works for all countries in the world

Just a little blog post from us about a short quiz that we've discovered that works out if the keto diet is for you.

The keto diet is not suitable for everyone, which is why it's important to take this quiz. It's also really good because you create your own keto diet and you can specify what foods you want to keep eating on your tailored keto diet, how good!

So, for example, you can say I want a keto diet but I want to keep eating chicken and beef, these certain veggies, and then you can add other things in as well (cheese, butter, eggs etc).

You then enter you age and weight, plus your target weight, and it lets you know your custom keto diet specifically for you, the foods you want to keep eating, and how to get to your target weight. It's genius!

The quiz only takes a minute or two as well.

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